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Willard E. Saunders, JR.

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Willard E. Saunders, Jr.

Bishop Willard E. Saunders, Jr. is the Senior Pastor of Created For So Much More Worship Center in Baltimore, Maryland. He is the founder of W.E.S. Ministries Worldwide as well as the founder of The Circle Of Champions-a relationship-based entity designed specifically for the encouraging, building and equipping of kingdom leaders who are dedicated to impacting the world. His educational experience entails a B.S. in Education from Frostburg State University and a Masters of Education and Administration and Supervision from Loyola University of Md. Bishop Saunders has also attended Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary and is currently en-
rolled in the doctoral program at United Theological Seminary. He is a former teacher and Asst. Principal in the Baltimore City SchoolSystem.

Bishop Saunders is a great Visionary, Leader and Spiritual
Father whom God has mandated to stretch people to become
more than they could have ever imagined. He is highly respected among his peers within the educational, business,
local, state, and federal communities. He serves as the Presiding Prelate of the New Destiny Fellowship International, Inc, A Christ-centered fellowship of believers and churches which growing vastly and aggressively spreading the Word of God, empowering people globally. Bishop Saunders has served on the Mayor's Advisory Board, Board of Trustees of Harbor Hospital, Board Member of the Cherry Hill Town Center and President of the Cherry Hill Ministerial Alliance, to mention a few. In addition, he is the president and founder of Sauncorp a company providing educational consulting to groups such as The Children's Guild. Bishop was instrumental in the development of the Cherry Hill Senior Manor, a tax credit-based senior housing facility. In addition, He is the author of the book, Created For So Much More. Bishop Saunders oversees numerous pastors and ministry leaders here in the states as well as abroad. His ministry has opened international doors to speak a life-changing word throughout Africa, Europe, and India. He is known as a “Preacher of Faith", inspiring people everywhere to do and become more than what they are. His desire, commission, and drive is to equip people as opposed to fixing them. His will is to share with God's people that God has more for them and in store for them than we could ever imagine. He has traveled the globe teaching and preaching this life-changing word. It has literally transformed the lives of thousands. His prayer is that you too will be able to reach your destiny by his life-giving word.

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